Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 8/23/2013

August 17, 2013

An unlikely alliance of left and right

August 19, 2013

Governor Perry meets with 36th Infantry Division Soldiers

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Obamacare Video Contest

Texas’ job miracle

Rick Perry to headline Calif. GOP convention

Texas Gov. Rick Perry set for top speaking slot at GOP convention in Cali

August 20, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry blasts ObamaCare as Sebelius visits Texas to promote the law

Gov. Rick Perry to Tout Texas’ Low Taxes in Missouri

Governor’s Office: We’re Not Negotiating on Obamacare

August 21, 2013

Governor Perry Announces TEF Investment in Fritz Industries Creating 250 Jobs in Greenville

August 22, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry Releases Radio Ad in Missouri



Texas Gov. Rick Perry to travel to Missouri to promote jobs

Texas Gov. Rick Perry backs Mo. income tax cut

Gov. Rick Perry Statement on Dept. of Justice Lawsuits

Gov. Rick Perry to Malzberg: White House Run in 2016 Remains ‘Very Viable Option’



August 23, 2013

Rick Perry welcomes a potential presidential debate with Ted Cruz

Statement by Governor Perry on Hasan Verdict

Gov. Rick Perry on DOJ plan to sue Texas over voter ID law


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