Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 5.31.2013

May 25, 2013

Governor Perry vetoes SB 346

May 27, 2013

Governor Perry Announces Special Session for May 27

Governor Perry Signs Legislation for Veterans and Surviving Military Spouses



Governor Rick Perry Calls Special Legislative Session

Oldest living WWII vet meets Gov. Rick Perry

May 28, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry Signs Landmark Water Legislation



May 29, 2013

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Susan Combs

Gov. Rick Perry Signs Bills to Improve Foster Care in Texas

Statement by Governor Perry on Motorola Mobility’s Major Jobs Announcement in North Texas

May 30, 2013

Will Perry Run Again? And if So, for What?

May 31, 2013

Governor Perry: Emergency Response Starts with Individual Preparedness



3 thoughts on “Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 5.31.2013

  1. I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know!!! If he’s gonna run! Can’t wait to hear the news, no matter what (even though I desperately want him to run again). I do believe he’ll run for at least one office, whether Gov or POTUS again, don’t think he’ll retire altogether. But of course it’ll be great if he does both, which is what I’m betting on 😀

    Love the video of him signing HB 4, the water legislation, we certainly need it. Hope conservative Texans don’t complain about spending our billions of $ in surplus on water… we kinda need water to survive 😉 it was necessary and a wise use of our billions of $ in surplus 🙂

    Sad to see Comptroller Combs retire, she has done great things for our state AND I’m so completely happy that she endorsed David Dewhurst right off the bat, without hesitation, for Lt. Governor again!!! Good choice, if you ask me 😀

    • Well, as people always say “you never know what Perry will do”.

      HB 4 is something that is necessary, I hope people see it that way. But, it’s hard to know these days, since most people live in the moment, they have no foresight.

      I too was sad when I heard Comptroller Combs announcement, I was really looking forward to helping her win in 2014. But, I’m sure even when she in no longer Comptroller, she will still be doing great things. And it was fabulous that she endorsed Dewhurst!

      • Yep, no doubt. I didn’t think he would run for POTUS, I always heard him say he never considered it but things changed. I’m not happy about the abuse he took but I feel he’s learned a lot so will do just fine next go around. Can’t wait to find out! Wish he was making the announcement tomorrow lol

        True that, when it comes to HB 4. Some feel that since they can get water easily that the threat doesn’t exist but they need to rethink that, for sure! I’m worried there will be a “movement” to vote it down in November. Hope not but I wouldn’t put it past some people to think that spending money on anything is a “bad” thing…

        I was too, she did some great things for Texas. Uh, the thought of the leaders we have in Texas not being our leaders by 2015 is just sad. Don’t wanna change what’s working but those individuals that decide to move on, it’s up to them but of those that remain and run again, I got their back!!

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