Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 5.24.2013

May 20, 2013

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Oklahoma Tornado Damage

Statement by Governor Perry on Passage of House Bill 4

Perry 2016?

May 21, 2013

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Creation of Texas Tech Health Sciences Center at El Paso

Gov. Rick Perry Signs Legislation Banning Animal Shelter Gas Chambers

May 22, 2013

Governor Perry’s Remarks at the Governor’s Small Business Forum 2013 Texas Global Business Summit

Governor Perry on Creation of UT Institution & Medical School in South Texas

May 23, 2013

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Decision by the Boy Scouts of America

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Will Sign ‘Merry Christmas Bill’ Despite Atheist Protest

May 24, 2013

Governor Perry staying mum on talk of special session

Governor Perry Says He Opposes Part of Budget Deal


5 thoughts on “Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 5.24.2013

  1. Hope that “?” on Perry 2016 will become this “!” 😀

    I hope he does call a special session! Nowadays there are so many people that knowingly, or a few that might not know, like to characterize Perry or Dewhurst in any negative way possible. So, I hope he does because there are some really good conservative legislation that needs to pass, if nothing else, to shut up those morons who try to say Dewhurst or Perry (yep, there are actually people who say it) are not sufficiently conservative!

    • I too hope that this “?” becomes this “!”!!! If it does, we will be better prepared this time around.

      It’s Governor Perry’s decision on whether or not to call a special session, and I’ll respect whatever his decision is. That being said, I must say that I agree with you, there is some conservative legislation that needs to pass!! And I’m all too aware that there are actually people who say that Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst are not sufficiently conservative, which is completely pathetic! On a personal level I pay them no heed, but politically, I keep a wary eye on them, cause that is where they are a problem. As people tend to pay more attention to those who yell like spoiled brats!

      • No doubt, this time will (if he enters the race) will be no fooling around. It’ll be on! I think he’s much more prepared and could beat, and is better than, any other candidate; and I don’t even know who the opponents will be lol The only thing I’m not looking forward to is that I think it’ll be another crowded field. Possibly more crowded than this past presidential primary 😦

        I think it’s looking like he’s gonna call one, from what I was reading from twitter yesterday. There are just some bills that I know he, and Lt. Governor Dewhurst, worked hard to make happen. I don’t think he’s gonna let the minority Democrat party sabotage what the vast majority of Texans want from our state government. However, interestingly, yesterday some very good conservative legislation that looked like it was going to be sabotaged by the Democrats made it through (SB 2, HB 5, to name a few, also drug testing for welfare recipients). So that is good, but still wouldn’t doubt if there is a special session, which I do believe at some point we’ll have to have one for redistricting if memory serves me right.

        • Well, he’s called it! The special session is on! Now, to get things rolling again!!

          Yeah, I’m thinking that the 2016 race is going to be very crowded. Everyone wants to be POTUS, even if they are not qualified.

          • Nice! I’ve been with family all day, super glad he came through.. not that I had any doubt about him doing what’s best for Texas 😀
            And he also accommodated our awesome Lt. Governor Dewhurst again, the Dew hoped to have it as soon as possible and looks like Gov. Perry agreed 🙂 love those two 🙂

            You got that right, re: those wanting it even though they aren’t qualified. It’s like, we already went through 8 years of an unqualified POTUS… why do it for another 4 and possibly another 8!? It’s ridiculous! Gov. Perry has the heart, dedication and love for his country in addition to being very qualified!

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