Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 4.26.2013

April 22, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry’s tax plan ‘a move in the right direction’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn: ‘I’m certainly going to bring’ the competition

Gov. Rick Perry in Illinois to lure business to Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Illinois to lure business

April 23, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry: State oversight not to blame for West blast

Gov. Rick Perry “ruthlessly efficient” at bringing jobs to the people of Texas

Gov. Rick Perry at the Texas One's BioTexas booth at 2013 BIO International Convention.

Gov. Rick Perry at Texas One’s BioTexas booth at BIO International Convention 2013.

April 24, 2013

Texas Gov. Rick Perry likes Illinois biotech — but really loves big trucks

Gov. Rick Perry Wraps Up Illinois Trip

April 25, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry’s Remarks Honoring Those Who Perished in West Explosion


April 26, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry disgusted by cartoon depicting explosion


4 thoughts on “Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 4.26.2013

  1. Oh I was wondering about the article on his reaction to that HORRIBLE “cartoon.” Absolutely despicable! And that guy actually said he’d draw it again without even thinking twice…. maybe he’s mentally unstable. I hope the good Texans of West will get that apology (or that the newspaper will listen to Lt. Gov Dewhurst and fire the guy)!

    • It is despicable! If I were the editor, I’d fire him, because the man clearly has mental issues. But, then again, if I were the editor, I wouldn’t have allowed it to be published! I mean these people clearly don’t like Governor Perry and I do believe in freedom of speech, but they crossed the line with this one! They can express their dislike of Governor Perry in another form, but don’t do it by mocking this tragedy!

      • No doubt! I agree that freedom of speech/expression is important but when someone is so abusive with their speech there comes a point where something needs to be done… after all, those calling for him to be fired are speaking out too 🙂
        Too many people have Perry derangement syndrome! I just got done grading over 200 papers by students in response to a Paul Krugman article (because we all know what an unbiased *cough* gentleman he is… NOT), & let’s just say that some of the opinions of students are scary and outrageous. If there is a silver lining, I think that because these students don’t know anything about govt/politics (not being rude, they admit just that), that I don’t think they really believe the bull they wrote down…
        Anyway, long story short even though that wasn’t short lol I think some freedom of expression is DANGEROUS as too many young ppl are extremely gullible & will take the cartoon as the truth rather than finding out the truth for themselves.

        • I am so sorry that it took me so long to respond. My mind has been working only half as well as it should be, lately.
          But, I completely agree with you on all points. And you’re right, those students probably don’t really believe what they wrote, they just go along with what is assumed to be the popular belief among many young people, liberalism! It is unforunate, no, not unfortunate, but annoying, frustrating……….infuriating, that some people choose to believe whatever is fed to them by the media, instead of learning things for themselves. Our country seems to be doomed by ignorance.

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