Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 3.15.2013

March 11, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry Presents Governor’s Award for Historical Commission to Old Spanish Missions Inc

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on the Passing of Borah Van Dormolen

March 12, 2013

TSTA Poll: Texans happy with Gov. Perry, Republican Legislature

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Four to Texas Violent Gang Task Force

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reappoints Bauer and Gonzales to Council on Sex Offender Treatment

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Names Hodde Chair of Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying

March 13, 2013

Statement About HB 10

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Four to Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Names Braden Chair of State Pension Review Board

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Four to State Board for Educator Certification

March 14, 2013

Governor Rick Perry’s CPAC 2013 speech

Gov. Rick Perry on Your World w/ Cavuto: Obama is ‘playing with fire’

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Three to Texas Emissions Reduction Plan Advisory Board

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Four to Texas Council on Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

March 15, 2013

In a letter to Texas Congressional delegation, Gov. Rick Perry reaffirms stand against Medicaid expansion

Sen. John Cornyn, Gov. Rick Perry meet in Washington

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Three to Texas A&M University System Board of Regents


12 thoughts on “Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 3.15.2013

    • That poll is great! But, of course it didn’t get any attention from the media.

      His speech was excellent and he was fabulous! All the coverage can only help him! I’m just thrilled by it!

      • I wouldn’t doubt if they saw it, then had a hissy fit that they have been wrong for months & ignored it! We’ll just work hard to make sure he is re-elected, that’ll get their attention!

        Yes, I agree and he has been taking some very courageous stances! Like when he made the statement about not electing conservative enough candidates in ’08 and 2012! Don’t get me wrong, McCain & Romney tried their best and they would’ve been sooo soooo much better than Obama, but it’s time for our gov to take it from here! If other Americans can’t see it, then I don’t know what is wrong with them!

        • I loved how he said that about McCain and Romney! And I must say, I agree with him! I see all these people praising Sen. Cruz for him going up agaisnt the Democrats, which isn’t that hard to do, but Governor Perry saying that about members of his own party, to me, that is tough! That’s leadership and THAT is what this country needs right now!

  1. Couldn’t respond directly, but totally agree!! People messed up in the primary. Big time. And it was conservatives fault, as much as they always blame, no matter what, the GOP, conservatives couldn’t get their facts straight and ended up splintering to multiple ppl and going to far less (FAR less) qualified candidates. i.e. those not named Rick Perry!!

    You know me, hating with a passion the praise the overrated Cruz is getting. Obama is less overrated than this guy. There I said it lol
    Also hate that I’m saying this, *qulp*, if TX turns blue (without Perry/Dewhurst is will), the ONLY good thing will be that Cruz will be out of office… at least that gives me comfort. See how much I can’t stand the guy lol I’m finding comfort in the unthinkable because this guy is so terrible lol

    • Now that is a bold statement! But, I can certainly understand your view on that, all this unwarranted hype about Sen. Cruz has become rather dreary. And even for all this hype about him, he failed to place amongst the top four in the CPAC straw poll.

      I must agree with you, it was the conservatives fault. They wouldn’t stay with one candidate! I believe they supported every candidate (with the exception of Jon Huntsman), during the primaries. They would change so often that I started telling my siblings “I wonder who will be the next flavour of the week!!??”.

      Oh, I fixed the comment problem, which is strange because I had set it to 10 comments when I first created the blog.

      • True! Just think, somewhere right now… Cruz is having another epic meltdown for not placing higher in the Straw Poll. I didn’t pay attention to CPAC at all today, no Perry & Dew was there yesterday so I had no interest today. But I saw a tweet that was in awe because he “spoke without a teleprompter…” all I could think was, yeah he’s a Harvard Lawyer! Lawyers have to learn to speak without notes, that doesn’t make it impressive.

        Definitely true about the primaries last year! I fear we will see that again 😦 I actually think next time’s primary will be much worse, just a gut feeling but I truly hope not, seeing as how I really want Gov. Perry to take it and get started on the Democrat opponent!

        Hopefully the error wasn’t on my side, I was trying to make the comment earlier from my phone… so hope that didn’t mess it up!

        • The whole issue with the teleprompter thing is annoying, it’s becoming quite monotonous.

          I fear that you are correct, it will be worse next time. People are becoming increasingly divided, even amongst their own party, Republicans more than Democrats.

          I don’t think the problem was on your side, I think it was just my blog.

          • Yes it is! I fear the only way to put Cruz in his place (not feeling he is all that, that is) will be the only way to shut him up… maybe he should run for POTUS lol the reason I say that is because I know he doesn’t have what it takes. He cries like a baby when he is scrutinized in a campaign. Plus, for whatever reason people seem to find the most crazy dirt on someone when they run for POTUS… it’s weird lol Of Course, Perry didn’t have real dirt on him, there were just too many people who were ill-informed or scared that he “couldn’t make it (because they didn’t bother to get to know him)”

            Anywho! I wanted to let you know, we in Texas have to be vigilant! There are some Texas Legislators and “grassroots” organizations that are trying to pass a term limit bill!!! This bill (although, I don’t worry about it in the TX Sen because Dew won’t let it happen), would put a two term limit on ALL Texas Statewide officials… meaning it automatically bans Gov. Perry or Lt. Gov. Dewhurst from running again in 2014! Funny… these lawmakers don’t put a term limit on themselves, eh? Just put a term limit on offices that don’t mess with their plans. It’s crap! Like I said, Lt. Gov Dewhurst will work hard to stop it because he knows full well that Texans elected him and Perry three times, so that is who they want! Texans weren’t conned into voting for them last time, it should be our choice to keep them, regardless of tenure!
            Anyhow, don’t know if you’ve heard but there are some shady people working to stop them from running again!

            • Yeah, I heard about it! I think it’s utterly pathetic! I wish there was a way that we could pass laws against the lawmakers! Because they will certainly never pass any laws that will affect themselves.

              • Definitely, they make the bill say only statewide officials will have term limits… but not themselves? It’s lame! People who call for term limits for statewide officials really don’t understand what they are asking for. They think “oh, we’ll just elect like-minded people, no big deal…” bull! Just because you have term limits does NOT mean you are gonna be electing patriots and do-gooders every time thereafter. If we were to have term limits on the gov and lt. gov, the exact opposite would happen.
                I think it’s dead on arrival anyhow, and good riddance to the horrible idea!!

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