Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 2.22.2013

February 16, 2013

Rick Perry: Texas Would ‘Love’ to Have San Diego Chargers

February 17, 2013

Governor Perry: Ad was to highlight Texas Way, not to tarnish Golden State

February 18, 2013

Governor Perry Asks Flags to be Lowered to Half Staff For Fallen Bryan Firefighters

February 19, 2013

Left’s Howls Against Rick Perry’s Texas Prove Its Low-Tax Model Is A Success

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Supak and Schmidt to Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Three to Texas Funeral Service Commission

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reappoints Ward to Soil and Water Conservation Board

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reppoints Matson to Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reappoints Three to Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors

Rick Perry to address resurgent Hays County GOP on Feb. 28

Febraury 20, 2013

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reappoints Wilson as Inspector General of Texas Health and Human Services Commission

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Neider and Smith to Texas Board of Orthotics and Prosthetics

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reappoints Kiper to Executive Committee of the Office for the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Reappoints James to Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority Board of Directors

Rick Perry wants Colorado gun magazine maker to move to Texas

February 21, 2013

[Press Release] National Instruments to Expand Research and Development in Austin, Creating 1,000 Jobs

[Proclamation] Gov. Perry Again Renews Proclamation Extending Drought Emergency

[Appointment] Gov. Perry Appoints Three to University of Texas System Board of Regents

February 22, 2013

Rick Perry Invites Gun Manufacturers to Set Up Shop in Texas

Gov. Rick Perry Reiterates Opposition To Medicaid Expansion

TPPF supports Gov. Rick Perry’s stand against Medicaid expansion in Texas


2 thoughts on “Governor Rick Perry: Week in Review 2.22.2013

    • Yes! And who cares what those pathetic hecklers think! As Governor Perry said “If we weren’t making a difference, they wouldn’t be out there. When they ignore you, it means you’re not making a difference.” That quote was from an article which I didn’t post here, since they talked more about the hecklers than what Governor Perry had to say. But, it did also quote him as saying “The best poverty program in the world is a job. That’s what they don’t understand.” I completely agree!

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